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>> State - Tamil Nadu
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11556162
Closing Date 11 - Nov - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of steel tube cd seamless16mm / 15.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11632947
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of 4mm and 5mm GI solid wire. #*. Manufacturing and supply of 600nos of 9.14m RCC poles, 300nos each at pallavaram RCC yards. #*. Manufacturing and supply of 600nos of 9.14m RCC poles, 300nos each. #*. Manufacturing and supply of 900nos of 9.14m RCC poles, 300nos each. #*. Supply of 110v DC control and relay panel for twin feeder breaker. #*. Supply of 33kv current transformer. #*. Supply of 20,000kgs 7/11swg GI stranded wire. #*. Supply of drive and non drive pulleys for ECHS conveyors. #*. Supply of spares for ECHS conveyors BCN 43a & B, 45, 52, 53. #*. Supply of K2 LCN 3 board of refurbished type for universal station used in honeywells TDC 3000 system software. #*. Supply of EP conveyor belts of 2000mm belt width for external coal handling system. #*. Supply and erection of new purlin structure and roof sheets in the conveyors BCN 53, 320 meters from head end after dismantling the existing damaged purlin and ACC sheets. #*. Supply of seal plate. #*. Supply of MS fabricated pipe nominal dia 450mm. #*. ECHS division AIP railway tracks contingency plan revamping of tracks, formation of new track of sick box track and overhead electrification works. #*. Rectification of defective 3 phase, 247mva generator transformer. #*. Supply of sulphuric acid. #*. Supply of anti scalent, biocide & corrosion inhibitor. #*. Supply of 1400mm and 1200mm widh belt. #*. Fabrication, supply and erection of various types of idler frames in conveyor. #*. Supply of spares, dismantling and assembly of spares in the exciter units, erection and commissioning in the TRF make trash screen. #*. Supply of air port ring assembly. #*. Supply of spares for flash tank to hot well connecting syphon line in 210mw LMW turbines of units III. #*. Supply of seals for hot air gates of unit IV & V HP 803 mills. #*. Supply and erection of fan casing top portion for unit V ID fan. #*. Supply of electrical operated submersible abrasive resistant pump and heavy duty steel bracket hose. #*. Renewal of 12nos electro static precipitator field internals and overhauling of remaining 12nos fields and replacement of 24nso high voltage rectifier transformer and 24nos electronic control panels along with latest technology controllers in unit V. #*. Disposal of obsolete / non moving / scrap materials such as condemned distribution transformers, MS miscellaneous iron scrap, rail cut bits scraps, MS / RTS grill scrap, RSJ cut bit scrap, ACSR scrap, AAC scrap, brass scrap, empty deal wooden drum, burnt mechanical meter scrap, high quality meter scrap, static meter scrap, waste paper scrap, empty steel drum, aluminum coil scrap with paper insulation etc. #*. Procurement of stop log gate material carbon steel. #*. Conducting tube thickness survey in boiler second pass for rectification of defective tubes in SCSW tubes, LTHS coils, economizer coils and other allied works. #*. Renewal of fire quenching system of mills and feeder. #*. Renewal of damaged insulation in hot secondary and primary air duct in unit II during capital overhaul 2014-2015. #*. Conducting tube thickness survey in boiler first pass and inter pass for rectification of defective tubes, ash leak arresting, overhauling of boiler drum, safety valves and HP/LP valves rectification of electrically operated actuators and other allied works. #*. Annual overhaul of air pre heater 2A & 2B and its lube oil system during the year 2014-2015. #*. Renewal of damaged insulation in APH casing and its accessories during overhaul 2014-2015. #*. Mechanical II operation and maintenance circle unit I routine maintenance of fly ash handling system and bottom ash handling system of ash handling plant mechanical portion only of NCTPS stage I site for a period of 3 months. #*. Mill plant fabrication, supply and erection of hot air ducts 2D, 2E, 2F of coal mills unit II. #*. Mill plant fabrication, supply and erection of hot air ducts 2A, 2B and 2C of coal mills of unit II. (Scanned Image - Tamil Tender).
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11552113
Closing Date 13 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of supporting members on trough FL, AC inspection saloon, linen room arrangement, brackets for alternator mounting, window bar, sup app of paint on flat bogie, bracket complete, curvic coupling and turret pinion, FRP inner frame for body side window, sliding door, seamless tube, cable duct cable tray, internally screwed bush aluminum, self mono block pump, one CS cross bearers under fra, welding piece, CRF trough floor, 3 seat single comp LH and RH motor coach, plumbing items side fill arrgement, 1 set of PU based sound insulator pain, roof mounted ac package unit, frame for lower partition, sup of inst and frame, surface plate cast iron, compact fluo light fitt with lam,. Sound insulation wood panels, bottom bush, HP anticorro epoxy paint fin gre, sealed maintenance free lead acid battery, sup and appli of anti cor epoxy coat, trans middle upper berth, modular frame, roof mounted ac package unit, air inlet duc, fixed window, honey comb partition frame, frame for bed cum back rest & air compressor.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11625698
Closing Date 08 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Stainless Steel Tubes And Double Ferule Fittings For Mrvc/D/Hc/Bt Coaches As Per Icf Spec.No.Icf/Md/Spec-166, Issue Status -01, Rev-03,Amd- 01 To 03, To Schedule No.Icf/Sk-10-2-578, Issue Status-01, Rev.No.01, Cs-01.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11203156
Closing Date 08 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of , SS water tank 455 liters, one CIS SS roof and side wall, end part for air conditioner EMU, scissors lift platform, bogie bolster unmachined LHB EOG, supply of one coach set of air duct, S steel sheet 2mm x 1200 x 2900 mm, roof mounted ac package unit, supply and installation of FRP side wall, 110 v, dc mobile charger, harness of under frame and roof arrange, damper support to fiat bogie, steel flats 50 x 5mm is 2062/2011, ventilator grill, supply of pipes and pipe fittings with s, outer door assembly COL- III and iv, filter and lubrication unil, migatronic MIG-MAG welding sets, SS trough floor SCN 813802, trough floor size 1,7 x 1180 x 8449, alarm and penalty for braille notice, emergency window braille notices, 70ah 110v, VRLA led battery LHB-E, 25kva3ph inverter, anti roll bar supp LETT LHB EOG, mounting bracket, bogie frame assembly unmachined LHB, fixation ball joint (LHB EOG), SS battery box LHB COL-I, doorway hand holds complete DMU, 3-seater comple RH for ir dmu, trough and framing arrangement for roof, pa system for lhb power car, valve regulated lead acid battery, 25 so mm black colour e-beam cable, 35 so mm colour blue e-beam cable, one set of trays drg dmu/dpc 5-7, 16 sq mm colour yellow e-beam cable, luggage rack complete, water tank 2 piece 455 liters col-i, hytrel upper washer and lower washer, axle box long bolt m20x293 to 2608, lower lug rack com lgs-6-2-001, RC fan 110 v dc 400mm, anti roll bar bracket, LAV floor complete for LHB SCN, brake support, channel for vestibule frame, traction centre, pin, centering disc, spring potto, control arm lower left, bearing, anti roll bar fork, center pivot, centering disc, roll link, console, end wall complete for LHB EOG, zinc rich primer & design, development, manufacture, supply, testing and commissioning of 25kv ac IGBT based three phase electrics.
Sector Other Transport Equipments Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11603806
Closing Date 07 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of spacer, filter, mono rail crane, overhead EOT crane, 27 types of bolts socket scrow, cerametallic disc assembly, memory unit, valve assembly, pipe with pressure gauge, electro pneumatic valve, sending unit assembly, oil priming pump MZH 2 with electric motor, oil priming pump, electro magnet, electromagnet assembly, bearing, seal and spring set, drivers seat, reducer with filter assembly, pipe lines, heat sensing unit, cable, starter generator changeover unit, cleaning of hull periscopes, unified pressure warning, converter, tschometer indicator, cock, starter generator co oling system, right hand support of road wheel arm. (Scanned Image - Tamil Tender).
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 10795480
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Expression of Interest (EOI) From Manufacturer-Suppliers of Engineering Raw Materials & Components to Be Part of Their Supply Chain For The Following Items – Coils - Carbon Steel, Structural Steel - Angles, Beams And Channels, Rerolled Steel Structurals, Wide Flanged Beams/Universal Columns, Stainless Steel - Wire - Cold Drawn, Erw Hollows, Aluminium - Plates , Sheets , Coils & Sections, Coils - Corten Steel, Steel - Unequal Angles, Carbon Steel Tubes - Erw - Black, Panel Type Heater For Hopper, Electro Forged Floor Grills, Steel - Flats, Actuator-Open/Close/Regulating, Haste Alloy Sheet, Plates - Alloy Steel -A 387/A 588 Gr. A & Others, Impeller Blades Forged Raw 11,12 Size, Pillow Block & Accessories (Above 8"), Al Casing & Gi Casing Support, Carbon Steel - Rounds, Carbon Steel - Bright Bars, Steam Coil Air Preheater, Outer Arm, Mounting & Dismtng Device For Tlt500, Chains For Gates / Sprocket/ Cam Clutch Box, Stainless Steel - Rounds, Alloy Steel - Rounds, Heating Elements, Pillow Block & Accsrs-Upto 8"(Except 7"), Opacity Monitor, Actuators-Electrical(Open/Close Type), Electrical Operated Hoist (Eoh), Corten Sheets, Inner Arm, Lock Bolt And Collar, Impeller Blades(Tlt Design) - Cast Fd, Stainless Steel - Plates , Sheets, Impeller Blades(Tlt Design) - Cast Pa 6%, Interlocks, Bearing Housing, Ash Level Indicator (Cap Type), Bearings (Pillow Block), Turbine Drive For Fan (Imported), Impeller Blades(Tlt Design) -Cast Pa 10%, Actuators-Electrical(Regulating Type), Rapcon, Speed Reducer - Type Iii, Solenoid Valve, Fibre Glass Wool, Dodge Pillow Block, Accessories (7" Rt), Enamelled Heating Element, Thermostat, Rod End Assy, Casting - Steel - Support Bearing Housing, Gi Flexible Metallic Conduit With Fittin, Air Motor, Swivel Joints (Barco), Communication Interface Module, Vibration Isolation System Spring/Damper, Limit Switch And Lever, Isolation Valve, Forgings - Steel - Header, Silencers For Fans, Earthing Cable, Simmer Rings ,Nut Ring & O-Rings, Intelli-Com Card, Nozzles For Water Washing Manifold Assy, O Rings (Indigenous), Actuators-Pneumatic, Pillow Block & Accessories (7" Xc), Impeller Blades Forged Raw 16 Size, 5 Apc Reducer & Spares (Imported), Screw Pump, Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders, Galv. Cable Tray Fasteners, Hydraulic Mounting Equipment With Hyd. Nut, Housing Sleeve, Wafer Type Swing Check Valve, Statcon, Vabn Bearings (Small Sizes), Weld Mesh, Passenger Cum Goods Elevator, Worm Gear Actuator/ Rotary Limit Switch & Adaptor, Sleeve Bearing (Machined), Light Assembly, Flow Switch, Slow Turning Device Assembly, Link Chain Assembly, Piston Ring, Fluid Coupling, Blower, Rf Communication Module, Set Ring For Ep Shaft, Limit Switch, Clips, Dee Shakle, Fire Sensing Device (Thermocouple Type), Solenoid Valve, Graphite Filament Packing/Grafoil Brg., Go Switch (Magnetic Proximity Switch), Filter Cum Lubricator, Lub Oil Filters, Angular Position Transmitter, Pop Rivet, Manual Operated Gear Box, Cover For Bearing, Bearings-Miscellaneous, Personal Computer, Split Thrust Collar, Special Coating For Sulphur Corrosion Resistance, Ceramic Fibre Blanket Insulation, Computer Softwares, Jewel Bearing (Fully Machined), Hydraulic Coupling (Upto 300 Kw), Emblem, Direction, Rating, Warning, Id Plates, Universal Joint Assy, Cable Tag, Pc Add-On Cards Serial, Digital I/O Rom, Sliding Plate (Teflon Plate), Double Collar Sleeve Brg For D250 Shaft, Machined Components - Misc, Pc Interface / Add-On Card, Angular Joint / Articulate Joint, Taper Lock Bush & Adaptor, Flexible Coupling (Love Joy), Ss Bellow Joint For Set & Indicate Assy, Sintered Bush, Pc Termination Box, Filter Lubricator & Regulator Lubricator, Dc Motor Drive Panel, Resilient Coupling /Torque Limiter/Bibby Couplin, Level Transmitter, Discharge Rod, Worthington Hub, Vibro Damper, Nilos Rings, Self Aligning Bearing With Bush And Housing, Pipe Fittings - Ermeto Type, Bearing (Spherical Plain), Pressure Regulator, On Off Switch (Aps 128), Heat Resistance Glass, Metallic Bellow Assy, Brgs For Setting & Indicatng Shaft Assy., Pneumatically Operated Butterfly Valves, Air Breather, Shaft Pins, Drain Valve, Upper Rotor Post Pin With Washer, Centrifugal Clutch Coupling, Screw Pumps For Fanslos, Hyd.Coupling For Indl Blrs Upto 1000, Compensating Cable For Thermocouple, Name Plates, Calcium Silicate Insulation, Pneumatic Actuator, Automatic Flow Control Valve, Adopter For Sofn Brg Housing, Excess Flow Check Valve, Three Way / Two Way Ball Valve, Cable Termination Kit, Acoustic Enclosures For Fans, Bag Filter, Bag Holding And Stitching System, Blade Shaft Bush For Tlt Fans, Breather Filter, Digital Anemometer, Fgd System, Level Switch, Lever Boss Asper Bps Drg, Oil Level Guage, Oil Sight Glass, Over Flow Valve (Pr.Relief Valve), Union As Per Bps Drg, Union As Per Bps Drg, 4 Apc Falk Reducer, Air Filters, Analog & Digital Input Module, Burling Thermostat, Cable (Flame Retardent Low Smoke), Control Panel For Scanner Drive, D.P. Gauge, Diaphragm Coupling, Dtpb/Dtpa Shut Off Val
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11613013
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Procurement of Valveassy. /188.60.028CBCB, Pipe with Pressure Gauge /175.60.015CB-3, Electro Pneumatic Valve /219.09CB-319CB.
Sector Security Services Tender Value INR 61.07 Lakhs
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11657287
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Valve Assembly / 188.60.028CBCB, Pipe With Pressure Gauge / 175.60.015CB-3 & Electro Pneumatic Valve / 219.09CB-319CB.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 11653544
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Reducer with Filter Assembly
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