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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 49639359
Closing Date 31 - May - 2022  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of 138 items of kc group c006-21pkcc006 #*. valve intake, valve solenoid, switch temperature, meter hour, belt v, shaft,fuel pump drive, cap screw, control safety(l.l.o.p), hose flexible, pulley,sea water pump, gasket set fuel pump, screw hexagon head cap, drive tachometer, hose,hump, switch, pressure, block rubber, washer locking, plug expansion, nut, regular hexagon, clamp hose, washer, clamp, cable tachometer, clamp hose, gasket lub oil cooler core, gasket oil cooler support, screw,hexagon head cap, screw,hexagon head cap, clamp hose, plug, pipe, plug,pipe, plug,expansion, key,square, gasket cylinder head, screw,twelve point cap, push rod, gasket turbocharger, seal thermostet, o ring, valve,exhaust, gasket lub cooler cover, hose plain, valve,pressure relief, pump,sea water, injector, gauge,temperature, hose flexible, hose plain, o ring cap screw, plate lock, seal,water pump, seal o ring, clamp hose, retainer, gasket intake manifold, screw hexagon, adaptor hose, gasket connection, seal,o ring, clamp hose, washer lock, washer,plain, seal 'o' ring, clamp t bolt, bolt, insert,valve, element lo. filter, retainer valve spring, screw hex flange head cap, hose plain, cap screw, hose, hose,flexible, seal rec., seal rectangular ring, spring valve, seal o ring, gasket,intake manifold, connector,male, elbow,plain street pipe, insert,valve, screw hex flange head cap, hose, gasket,wtr trf connection, transducer, screw hex flange head cap, bushing camshaft, kit turbo repair hc5a, guide,valve stem, valve shut-off, hose flexible, gasket gear cover plate, guide,valve stem, bearing,thrust, ring,retaining, hose,plain, plug expansion, plug pipe, clip, insert value, filter,lub oil bypass, seal'o'ring, kit, fuel filter and ring, connector male, bearingr roller, bearing,camshaft thrust, set piston ring, set main bear. std., washer,sealing, seal,o ring, element,air cleaner, gasket after housing, shaft,fuel pump drive, gasket lub oil pump, kit conversion, pickup,magnetic, hose elbow, gasket breather cover, hose hump, injector, filter fuel, diode, injector, diode, motor starting, connector male, screw,hexagon head cap, connection exhaust outlet (righ, connection exhaust outlet (left), sensor temperature, gasket, rkr lever housing, plug,pipe, potentiometer, packing, seal oil, gasket,oil cooler core, o ring, gasket governor housing
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 49397171
Closing Date 25 - May - 2022  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of 99 items of z5 group - 21pz5c002 - man aloft switch ee4050b-124-174, mk2 x- band performance monitor ee4050b-g625925-1, antenna pl259 plugs for ais ee4050b-eis-am-p, heater,compl ee4050b-110-231x01, hinge ee4050b-110-23311, bearing repeater compass ee4050b-133407ng001e03, isic mfc computer for signal concentrator ee4050b-950-013-ng001, autroprime main circuit board ee4050b-bsa-200, mk2-pwr-input&i/o-pcb for s-band ee4050b-g624197-3et-s, dc/dc converter 150/300 v for s-band ee4050b-vi-272-cwg626035-1-s, mk2 modular pcb for s-band ee4050b-g624200-1-e03-et-s, gps antenna cable for ais ee4050b-40011-gps, 24 way sp telephone with headset socket (dustcap with chain ee4050b-4524bs, encoder, 2048 pulse per revolution for s-band ee4050b-ltd-11b10y4-s, nitrogen purging kit ee4050b-0922-0802-00-00, connection-pcb ee4050b-110-233x13, set of small parts ee4050b-110-233x50, sensor pcb ee4050b-110-234x-01, motor ac 115/208-220v ee4050b-115241-g624190-1, r4 dgps antenna mgl-4 ee4050b-7000-0000-359, r5 solid ais system incl.junction box ee4050b-7001-000-602, nsc pcb 50 ohm ee4050b-90002005-et-900-020-05-e, microphone outdoor (with junction box) ee4050b-rut-01018-aa, assy,vdr100-g3 vdr/s -vdr system ee4050b-rut-01046-aa0252, filter, rfi,10 amp ee4050b-rut0039, spare part outfit ee4050b-10651, gyrospere ee4050b-111006, tmc to serial convertor ee4050b-121-061-ng001, thomsons azimuth device ee4050b-14201, fuse t 10a 250v ee4050b-19195, tft monitor23 for multifuntion console ee4050b-950-056-ng001, tr limiter,s-band ee4050b-b3-lt-1008-g624470-1, mk2-pwr-input&i/o-pcb for x-band ee4050b-g624197-3et-x, mk2 s-band performance monitor ee4050b-g625926-1m28391, nmea 08-01 for wind speed & direction system ee4050b-m0102, data analog 16-input/din-rail mount ee4050b-rut-01014-aa, dc/dc converter 150/300 v for x-band ee4050b-vi-272-cwg626035-1-x, encoder,compl ee4050b-110-233x01, cables ee4050b-1354-9583-501, dimmer ships supply 230vac ee4050b-200ac-sw, toothed belt 24" ee4050b-240j10g626119-148, mounting bracket ee4050b-floii, power supply ee4050b-n163s, automatic download (vdr 100,g2,g3) ee4050b-rut-00949-cb, optical bearing device with integration to mfc ee4050b-sr02-01mk4-1-2-3-4, power supply pcb ee4050b-110-234x12, synthetic oil 1l for x-band ee4050b-148-50003-x, sfp interface modle ee4050b-sfp-1gsxlc, manual call point, ip24 sv ee4050b-bf-300, mk-2 controller-pcb for x-band ee4050b-g624194-4-et-x, mk2 modular pcb for x-band ee4050b-g624200-1-e03et-x, frm junction box ee4050b-rut-01010-aa, frm(fixed) capsules ee4050b-rut-02447, keyboard for multifuntion console ee4050b-tkl-086-ip65, fan ee4050b-110-23300002, vhf antenna cable for ais ee4050b-40011-vhf, nav sensor dgps unit ee4050b-7000-109-140, manual call point, metal housing w/pg 16 glands ip44 sv ee4050b-bf-300m, lnfe sub assy,s- band ee4050b-g624562-1et, 12.1 mfd for multifunction display ee4050b-hd12t21elc-mwf-pbaa, magnetron,x- band 9410mhz 25 khz ee4050b-mg5424g624375-3, remote storage module ee4050b-rut-01006-ha, outer sphere,compl ee4050b-110-233x04, step motor,compl ee4050b-110-23447, filler pipe ee4050b-148-398-00-002, dimmer emergency supplu 24vdc ee4050b-200dc-sw, junction box 24 way ee4050b-454024, headset with microphone (with 5 mtrs flexible cable) ee4050b-457001, ruggedized laptop for portable diagnostics units(pdu) ee4050b-cf-53-pdu, ruggedized laptop for portable operator units(pou) ee4050b-cf-53-pou, line sub assy,x-pedestal ee4050b-g624499-et, service mosfet housing assy for s-band ee4050b-g627215-x01-s, fuse t 1a 250 v ee4050b-iec-127-2-1a-g627048-16, nmea/ course bus booster for dgps ee4050b-m0102-dgps, fuse t 8a 250v for s-band ee4050b-mda-8g625464-32-s, data discrete 24-input/din-rail mount ee4050b-rut-01015-aa, microphone indoor(with junction box) ee4050b-rut-01019-aa, mini pop payload ee4050b-1354-0053-501, synthetic oil 1l for s-band ee4050b-148-50003-s, weatherproof cabinet ee4050b-455012, radar operator panel for multifuntion console ee4050b-948-0002ng001, trackball 500mmnsc for multifuntion console ee4050b-948001ng004, mk-2 controller-pcb for s-band ee4050b-g624194-4-et-s, display 5.7" ee4050b-p0203, sub-miniature fuse 2.5a 250v ee4050b-pcc-2-1-2g623510-6, power supply unit ee4050b-v0102, magnetron,s-band 3050mhz:30 kw ee4050b-mg5223g624471-1, pump,compl ee4050b-110-233x15, outer sphere pcb ee4050b-110234101, pdu ee4050b-1354-5602-501, ultrasonic sensor ee4050b-1390-pk-006, 24 way sp telephones bulkhead mounting ee4050b-4524bh, r5 control and display unit ee4050b-7000-118-530, nsc-isw-controller pcb ee4050b-900010100-e02et, remote panel for multifuntion console ee4050b-948-007ng003, dgps mx-420 ee4050b-dgps-mx-420, ethernet switch(eds-g509) ee4050b-eds-g509, gps antenna at575-68 (26 db, tnc-f) excl. cable and mount ee4050b-7000-000-135, vhf antenna ee4050b-cx-4
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