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Product Detail : Rate contract for various project services at tpsodl, installation of wpb 160 x152, 11mtr pole , installation of h pole ,14mtr,, installation of psc pole , 9mtr, installation of rs joist 116, 100, 9mtr pole, supply & inst of coil earthing, pole, supply & inst of v cross arm, 11kv pole along with back, clamp & top bracket, supply & inst top bracket for, 11kv pole, sply & inst v cross arm for, sply& inst top bracket for, 33kv pole, sply & inst back clamp v cross, arm, 33kv, sply & inst 11kv poly insulator,, 5kn, sply &inst 11kv disc poly, insulator,70kn, sply & inst 33kv poly insulator,, 10kn, sply &inst 33kv disc poly, insulator,90kn, sply &inst 33kv disc poly, insulator,120kn, sply & inst of 11kv complete, ht stay set, sply & inst of 33kv complete, ht stay set, sply & inst of complete lt, stay set, sply &inst gi pipe earthing 40, dia,3mtr, sply & inst 40x6/ mm gi flat, for earthing, sply & inst 50x6mm gi flat for, earthing, supply & installation of ht, danger board, sply&inst of gi barbed wire, anticlimbing for rsj pole, sply&inst of anticlimbing to, psc pole, inst of lt acb on existing, foundation, supply & inst of dead end, clamp along with back clamp, upto, 4cx70sqmm+1x70sqmm+1x1, 6, sply& inst suspension clamp, with i-hook along with back, clamp upto, supply & inst of dead end, clamp for ab cable 95sqmm, upto 150sqmm, sply& inst suspension clamp, with i-hook along for ab cable, 95sqmm upto 150sqmm, sply&inst piercing connector, type-a, sply&inst piercing connector, type-b, sply&inst piercing connector, type-c, sply&inst piercing connector, type-d, sply& inst 10w/12w ltdb for, lt abc, sply & inst bird cap for, surge arrester, inst gi nut , bolt & washer of, different size, sup& inst gi nut , bolt &, washer of different size, itc of 10kva,11/0.250kv dt, itc 33kv rmu on exist, foundation, constr of trf plinth for 250-, 1000kva, glnd/term 1.5/2.5 sqmm hvng, 2c/3c/4c, glnd/term 1.5/2.5 sqmm hvng, 7c/14c, glnd/term 4/6 sqmm hvng, 2c/4c, glnd/term 10/16 sqmm hvng, 2c/4c, sup/fab/inst cu flt bb, 50x6 mm, sup/fab/inst al flt bb, sup/inst 3.5/4c 16-35 sqmm, glnd/al term, sup/inst 3.5/4c 50-95 sqmm, glnd/al term, sup/inst 1c 1000 sqmm, glnd/cu term, s/i jt kt hs 1.1kv/70-120, sqmm xlpe, s/i jt kt hs 1.1kv,>120-240, sqmm xlpe, s/i jt kt hs 1.1kv,300 sqmm, xlpe, filtrationoftrf oil per lit dist trf, sup/inst backelite sheet 6,, 8mm, dist trf painting services upto, 1000 kva, vermin proofing rmu with, material, vermin proofing swgr/trf, with material, excaton of cbl trench, excavtn cbl trench,minor, crosg, supply & installation of pipe, hdpe 110mm dia 5.5mm thk, pn4, supply & installation of hdpe, 160mm dia 7.7-8.6mm th pn4, supply & installation of hdpe, 200mm dia. 9.6-10.7mm th, pn4, sply & jointin11kv 3c 95sqmm, hs jointing, sply & jointing11kv3c, 400sqmm hs joint kit, sply & jointing11kv3c, 300sqmm hs joint kit, spl&inst 3cx 400sqmm,11kv, id terminati, spl & inst3cx 120sqmm,11kv, id terminatil, fixing of l.t. stay insulator, fixing of lt stay clamp, sitc of 7/8,7/10 & 7/127/12, swg stay wire, fixing 7/8,7/10 & 7/127/12, swg stay wire, itc of 11/0.4kv or 33/0.433kv, 990/1000kva, dt, sply&jointing, 33kvhsid3c400sqmm xlpe, jointing service of 33kvhs id, 3c400sqmm, term 11/33kv 3c xlpe, hs/cs/po id/od, term 11/33kv 1c xlpe, hs/cs/po id/od, excavtntrench hardrockover, providing /laying pvc pipes, 150mm, providing /laying pvc pipes, 200mm, provid/laying b class 150mmgi, pipe, breaking of pavement stones, demolish/removal of debris of, pcc, breaking of asphalt, excavation excl dewatering up, to 2.5m, backfilling with same earth, supply & installation of hard, barricading with zebra strip one, use, supply & installation of warning, lights at 10meter intervals, bulb, supply & installation of, fluorescent reflectors / flashers, dewatering pump bet 5hp /, hp shift, laying pcc m15, laying pcc m20, debris removal with transport, cleaning of ducts across the, road, provid water tanker for, cleaning, providing unskilled labor, provid air compressor w/, operator / fuel, lay cbl pwr xlpe 11kv, tren/pipe, lay cbl pwr xlpe 11kv, tow/tray/pole, lay cbl xlpe 33kv, tren/pipe, lay cbl pwr xlpe 33kv, tow/tray, lay cbl pvc/xlpe, 440v/1.1kv tren/pipe, lay cbl pvc/xlpe, 440v/1.1kv tow/tray, lay cbl pwr 1cxlpe upto, 33kv all sizes, lay cbl pwr 1cxlpe, upto33kv allsize tow, laying 1.1kv 1c cable 630 to, 1000sqmm, installation of 11 kv v cross, arm, installation of top bracket to, 11kvpole, inst back clamp to 11 kv v, cross arm, inst of 11kv polymer pin, insulator, inst 11kv polymerdisc ins with, hardware, inst 11kvcomplte stay set with, concrete, installation of 33 kv v cross, arm, installation of top bracket to, 33kvpole, inst back clamp to 33 kv v, cross arm, inst of 33kv polymer pin, insulator, inst 33kv polymerdisc ins with, hardware, fixing of 33kv stay set with, concreting, fixing of lt stay set with, concreting, fixing of h.t. stay insulator for, 11kv, fixing of ht stay clamp for, 11kv, fixing of 7/10 swg stay wire, fixing of ht stay
Tender Location : Orissa (Odisha) - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender EMD : INR 500000
Tender Document Fees : INR 5000
Tender Closing Date : 17/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 17/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Power Plant - Power Plant   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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