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Product Detail : Procurement of laboratory equipments - weston’s differential pulley block, rockwell hardness testing machine, brinell hardness testing machine, charpy & izod impact testing machine (mechanical type), universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, center gauge, combination square set, dial indicators, (metric standard), feeler gauge, gear tooth vernier caliper, inside micrometer, magnetic stand with fine adjustment, outside micrometer, outside vernier micrometer, precision spirit level, radius gauge, ring gauge, screw pitch gauge, sine bar, slip gauge, (metric set), snap gauge, surface plate, universal bevel protractor, vernier caliper, (metric / inch scale), vernier height gauge, (metric / inch scale), 120° v-block with two clamp, optical flat with monochromatic light source, gear tooth micrometer (analog) – interchangeable ball anvil/ spindle tip type, screw thread micrometers -interchangeable anvil / spindle tip type, air conditioning tutor, bomb calorimeter with complete outfit, cut out model of room air-conditioner, cut section model of fire tube cochran boiler, cut section model of lancashire boiler, cut section model of water tube babcock and wilcox boiler, cut section of model of actual hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor, refrigeration demonstration unit, separating & throttling steam calorimeter with boiler, thermal solar water heating system, stefan-boltzmann’s apparatus, dead weight pressure gauge tester, apparatus to measure thermal conductivity of a solid metallic rod, shell and tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger -parallel flow and counter flow type, single stage, single cylinder reciprocating compressor, cam analysis apparatus, cut section model of synchromesh gear box 4 forward speed & 1 reverse speed with single plate clutch, cut section model of constant mesh gear box, actual cut section model of differential gear box with rear axle assembly, static and dynamic balancing of rotating masses apparatus, universal governor apparatus, power transmitted by any belt drive using any one dynamometer, cut section model of single shoe brake , cut section model of band brake, cut section model of plate clutch, cut section model of multi plate clutch, all geared lathe machine, universal milling machine, shaping machine, bench grinder machine, bench drilling machine, "digital logic trainer board (in build bread boards provision) , (common for edc and dld lab)", ic, 7 segment led display, resistance, led, jumper wire, jumper wire cutter, twizzer, magnifying glass, function generator, diode trainer kit, transistor trainer kit, operational amplifier trainer kit, "electronic trainer board (in build bread boards provision), (common for edc and dld lab)", 555 timer in astable, monostable operation, discrete components resister, digital multimeter, discrete components capacitors, dual channel cro 30mhz, 8086 trainer kit, unmanaged switch , hub, cat 5e/6 cable , rj 45 connectors, rj 45 crimping tools, network lan cable tester (rj 45), access point (wifi router/ wireless router), ph meter, v - notch, experimental set-up for determination of frictional loss, jaw crusher, ball mill, plate & frame filter press, centrifuge, buckner funnel, centrifugal pump & gear pump, linear expansion of metal rod, double pipe heat exchanger, rotameter calibration equipment, thermocouples, control valve, thermostatic water bath, digital multimeter, open pan evaporator, hot air oven, muffle furnace, smoke point apparatus, softening point apparatus (ring & ball), aniline point apparatus, astm distillation apparatus, conradson carbon residue apparatus, ramsbottom carbon residue apparatus, redwood viscometer no. i, , redwood viscometer no.ii, dean & stark apparatus (glass apparatus), resin kettle & accessories, melting point apparatus, surface tensiometer, thermostatic water bath, bubble cap distillation column, sieve plate distillation column, packed bed absorption column, vapour in air diffusion apparatus, natural draft tray dryer, forced draft tray dryer, packed bed liquid-liquid extraction apparatus , spray tower for liquid extraction, solid liquid extraction (bonnoto type), solid liquid extraction (packed bed type), simple batch distillation column, wetted wall absorption column, batch crystallizer, vapour-liquid equilibrium set-up, experimental water cooling tower, humidification & dehumidification setup, packed bed reactor, plug flow tubluar reactor.
Document Sale To : 17-6-2022 at 17:00 Hrs
Tender Location : West Bengal - India
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Tender EMD : INR 50000
Tender Closing Date : 17/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 20/06/2022 at 11:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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